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I believe that an intimacy coach should also be a Mental health 1st aider as well as having a deeper understanding of clients psychological and emotional needs. When creating intimate scenes and scenes with a sexual nature, especially around sexual violence it is not enough for a coach to just be trained in movement we must be able to create a secure base and offer on going emotional support too. This is what makes me different.  


I have a vast knowledge of sexuality and sexual orientation, as well as an exclusive insight into the intimate lives of clients. Over the years, I have studied “queer relationships”, “GSRD”, “the science of sexual fantasy”, “porn addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour disorder” and “chemsex”. Therefore, I can comfortably assist in formulating intimate scenes.

As a Integrative therapist, I am qualified in different approaches, including Systemic, Psychodynamic, Person-centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Using Emotional Freedom Technique can successfully alleviate anxiety and fear. This technique is another useful service I can offer your production as, for many actors, anxiety can be a significant cause of concern when working with intimate scenes. I am also qualified in Tantra so have an in-depth understanding of the body and meditation. 


As a qualified Art coach with a diploma in Child psychology I am able to assist productions when working with children, especially when dealing with sensitive subjects. I have a DBS enhanced certificate.   

What should you expect when working with me? As an intimacy coach, script breakdowns, choreographing scenes, and working with cast members and the director, both individually and together, to form a consensual, harmonious environment. I will also work with the production team to ensure that actors' needs are met, especially when facilitating closed sets. Additionally, I will liaise with the costume and makeup departments to ensure there is appropriate modesty wear and to find out if the required body makeup is available. Then, I will support the production after filming is complete to ensure the actors' wellbeing is being cared for and prioritised.   

As a Mental health 1st aider and a wellbeing coach you can ensure your crew is working to the best of their capacity with regular check in's and ongoing 'on set' care.  Making your crew's mental health a priority can help to prevent burnouts, it creates a positive environment and encourages crew members to communicate their mental health needs.  

I am a member of The National Counselling Society and I am insured.

DAY RATE STARTS FROM £800 (10hr day) 


+44 (0)7494589221


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